Why is website maintenance important?

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Well done you! Your website is up and running which is great start. Maintaining it makes sure your time, effort and money doesn’t go to waste. It’s like servicing your car, if you don’t keep it well serviced it’s not going to perform as well.

But why does a website even need maintaining? Won’t it just always work?

The online world is ever changing and evolving, patches and updates are released on a daily basis to fix security vulnerabilities and block attack hacks. Updates are also released just as often to add new functions and improve efficiency. Web browsers are updated regularly on computers, smartphones and tablets and the way that a webpage displays on them can change and need updating accordingly. A design that once displayed fine on Internet Explorer 7 might not work so well on Microsoft’s new Edge browser.

User Experience

If information is not up to date or displaying correctly on your website then this is unlikely to give your customer a good first impression. Therefore maintenance is essential to keep your site looking it’s absolute best.

Changes made can be short posts about company news, industry news, job opportunities or even giveaways.

Technical Website Maintenance

In conjunction with updating content and images, the technical side of your website should also be maintained. Your website could go down or get deleted and that’s the wrong time to find out you don’t have a backup!

Your site needs to be regularly checked for broken links too. If search engines try to crawl your site and finds broken links, your website will fall in the rankings. We can help check your website every month for broken links and fix any issues, keeping your website ranking high.

Need help?

This may sound like an overwhelming task, but don’t be scared… well maybe a bit. You probably thought that once you launched your website it could just be left alone, unfortunately you’re wrong.

Your website is a machine, that you have to maintain for it to work at its maximum potential. Without proper maintenance your site will more than likely break, costing your business valuable custom.

We’re here to help!

Let us help you with our website maintenance and support services.

Our packages can include:

  • Core system upgrades to WordPress.
  • Theme and plugin updates.
  • Full website backups.
  • Priority email & telephone support
  • Reduced rates on future work

What does it cost?

Monthly website maintenance plans start from just £25 a month.

Please contact us and we’ll be happy to help in any way we can.


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