Website Maintenance

We ensure your website runs smoothly.

Any live WordPress website will need to have its plugin, theme and WordPress core files updated regularly to ensure that the website is kept in order.

Websites that are not updated regularly can produce file inconsistencies and potential code conflicts. Leaving these updates can cause an entire site to crash, resulting in a loss of content.

A monthly plan with DCX will ensure that your website has all files up-to-date and fully backed up on a regular basis. In the event that something goes wrong, a back up of the website’s files and database can easily be restored.

WordPress maintenance

Peace of mind comes as standard

  • Core system security and features upgrades to WordPress.
  • Theme and plugin updates, resolving security flaws and conflicts.
  • Full website backups to encrypted remote storage for safety.
  • Priority email and telephone support.
  • Future design work reduced rates.

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