7 tips for a successful website redesign strategy

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With the average lifespan of a website being somewhere between 2 to 4 years, likelihood is that you’ll have a website redesign project soon (if you aren’t already working on one.)

The foundation of a solid redesign is strategy. What is it that you (or your client) hope to get out of the redesign? Why is the change being made?

Answer these questions and it will help bring the design together. Plus, we have some more tips to share with you for developing a successful website redesign strategy.

7 tips for a successful website redesign strategy 1

Start with a Website Audit

As a website starts to age, it can be somewhat easier to take a critical eye to it. This is a great first step when it comes to planning a redesign.

Audit the site from everything to content and information, to goals, to the way it looks. Understanding what works – and what might not work – can help determine what you really want from a redesign.

Here are a few questions you should be able to answer about your current website to assist developing a strategy for your new one:

  • How big is your website (number of pages and blog posts)?
  • What is the most popular content on your site?
  • How many people visit your website each week/month/year? Do you have Google Analytics setup?
  • Are there new types of content or pages that you want in the redesign?
  • Are there features you would like on your website but don’t?
  • What do you love about your current website?
  • What do you dislike about your current website?
  • Does the website need other tools (such as a booking system or payment gateway)?
7 tips for a successful website redesign strategy 2

Develop Measurable Goals

Websites come with all kinds of different goals. To make the most of a redesign, set goals to measure success. You want to know if the work you put in is functioning as intended.

Often, website redesign goals connect with overall business goals. Some are easier to quantify, like sales. Others will be harder, such as figuring out how many people actually read an article (and not just visited a page).

Measurable goals from your website might include (but are not limited to the following):

  • Number or type of visitors each month (from a certain place or certain type of device, for example)
  • Number of phone calls from the website
  • Website orders, downloads, or sales
  • Action conversions, like filling out a form or visiting a specific page.
  • Generating leads for an off-line sales team
  • Users spending longer periods of time on the website
7 tips for a successful website redesign strategy 3

Review and Adapt Content

Will existing content move to the new website design or will that get a makeover as well?

Evaluate each page of the current website and edit and/or remove pages to suit the redesign. You can start adding new content as well.

Making changes to content ahead of time is often a huge help, particularly for a large website that will get moved over to a brand new design. Most users find it easier and faster to make changes in the old system, rather than making adjustments and trying to learn the new design (or even new content management system) at the same time.

When it comes to reviewing and adapting content, it’s important to think critically about it. Will this content match the visual aesthetic and voice of the new site? (or how can you make sure the new design fits this content?)

7 tips for a successful website redesign strategy 4

“Order” New Content

The most challenging part of a website redesign strategy is visualising new content.

Do you need new photos or video? New articles or information for web pages? New branding or colour palette?

Start a list of all the new content necessary for the redesign and begin “ordering” that new content from your team or suppliers. The design will be hard to see and even harder to piece together if core components of the design aren’t available.

When making these assignments, be clear about what you want and need and how the photos, video, and other content will be used. Have everything sent you in the highest quality possible, this will keep the design looking fresh and crisp.

7 tips for a successful website redesign strategy 5

Consider New Features

Technology moves fast. There’s probably be dozens of new tools and features available to you now that were not a part of your last website design.

Just think about how dominant video has gotten thanks to greater availability of high-speed internet.

Are there new features that you want to be a part of this project? How feasible are they? What costs are related with them? How are you able to work them into your redesign?

Also, go back to your audit and look for things you wish you could do with the website. New technology might make it possible if that wasn’t the case the last time around.

7 tips for a successful website redesign strategy 6

Plan Within Your Budget

Set a realistic budget expectation.

The price for a website redesign can depend on a lot of things – from the age of your existing site, features and content, timeline, and more.

You have to plan a project that fits within your budget. If you are expecting to redesign your website and add e-commerce tools for £500, you’re likely to be disappointed.

7 tips for a successful website redesign strategy 7

Set Up Maintenance and Marketing

The final part of your website redesign strategy is to think about how you’ll manage the website post-launch.

That includes two considerations:

Proper website maintenance will keep the site running longer and more efficiently in the long run. This can include someone who installs updates and ensures that everything is functioning as intended.

Marketing and promotion will help people find your website. If nobody knows it’s there, it will be hard to meet any goals that you’ve set.

Both are key parts of ensuring your website redesign is as successful as possible. Neglecting either of these things can cause a lot of stress (and work) later.


A website redesign can be a significant business investment. Developing a strategy for the redesign and metrics for success will help you create something that you’ll love and be able to use for a longer period of time.

We are here to help you every step of the way. Let’s do this! >


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simon Adams
11:11 12 Mar 21
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Spencer Davey
Spencer Davey
17:55 08 Feb 21
It was time for a refresh of my website and I am so pleased that I came back to you. Looks fab, Dan. Very very pleased with it. Thank you so much.
Mandy Durell
Mandy Durell
13:41 26 Jan 21
I have had my web page made by Dan, at DCX Design.I couldn't have asked for a more friendly, professional and great value service. He listened and understood everything I have asked and tasks were done straight away, with a can-do attitude!I will definitely be recommending Dan to my clients, friends and family, for any future website design. Thanks for a great service, Dan!
Claire Ruston
Claire Ruston
07:30 19 Nov 20
Dan and DCX Design did a fantastic job on my website. Dan was only too happy to help with my many questions, and was a delight to work with. I especially liked that there were lots of beautiful design templates to choose from (helpful for a non-visual person like me, who didn't necessarily know what I was looking for) -- and Dan was able to tailor my preferred design so it suited my project perfectly. I couldn't be happier.
Dalton Roofing
Dalton Roofing
13:00 04 Sep 20
Dan at DCX Design did a fabulous job at creating and designing our new website! He was able to fulfil our requests by turning ideas into reality as well as giving us his advice and continues to guide and support us! Couldn’t recommend them enough.
Richard Pearson
Richard Pearson
18:51 19 Jun 19
Excellent service, Dan has built me a great looking website. Very happy with everything. Thanks again
Frances Cassell
Frances Cassell
07:46 22 May 19
Dan is extremely reliable, efficient and a valued creative member of our team. His ideas for online presentation of content have far surpassed our expectations at OCTOPUS and I have no hesitation recommending his services to our clients.
No18 Interiors
No18 Interiors
14:30 02 Jan 19
No18 go live has finally happened and I genuinely couldn’t be more excited or happy with the website Dan has created.Dan totally understood my brief and what I was trying to achieve from the get go. He even some how managed to turn my (at times) crazy ideas, into action and I genuinely believe the website speaks for itself and showcases his many talents. Dan’s personable approach makes it incredibly easy to discuss ideas with ease and I genuinely enjoyed working with him to pull my website together. Couldn’t recommend him or his services enough. Thanks Dan for helping me bring my dream business to life! Tara (No18 interiors founder)
Mark Kingston
Mark Kingston
11:38 26 Nov 18
From our very first meeting Dan listened and understood exactly what we wanted from our website. We were kept informed every step of the way regarding content changes and timescales, nothing was too much trouble. I would highly recommend DCX to anyone looking for an online presence.Thank you
R3D2 Social Media
R3D2 Social Media
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Fantastic to work with Dan and on our website which is now a lot slicker and Dan was a pleasure to work with always very prompt with any queries we had whatever time of the day
Kate Mason
Kate Mason
06:31 21 Jul 18
Loving my website designed by Daniel. Amazing service, so helpful, patient and professional. Thank you so much x
Mark Burland
Mark Burland
15:49 20 Jul 18
We needed a professional looking website but had been quoted such high prices for what we could afford. Dan did an amazing job, we just chatted for about 30-45 mins, sent him some text and images and he created the perfect site. Couple of very minor tweaks and was all done, up and running within a week! Spot on service and very professional.
Mark McLennan
Mark McLennan
14:33 07 Jun 18
After 3 months in business I needed my website updating, and Daniel seemed to know what i needed more than me, he understood what i wanted the site to do and he did the rest, great service, support, advise and backup, all completed in the time allowed and within budget, Highly Recommended.
Rob Howe
Rob Howe
21:09 18 Feb 18
My experience with DCX Design was a first for me in terms of website design and construction. However despite a complete absence of knowledge on my part Dan was able to interpret my somewhat sketchy ideas and requirements and turn them into something way beyond my expectations.The speed at which Dan was able to do this was incredible. The time between our initial meeting to having the website live was far shorter than I was imagined possible.To top it all, working with Dan was a pleasure – his friendly but professional approach put me immediately at ease.In short the service provided by DCX Design has been nothing short of phenomenal. I would recommend them highly to anyone looking for a website.Rob HoweDirector - PlanCon LTD
Sammy Woodhouse
Sammy Woodhouse
15:52 18 Dec 17
I would like to say a big thanks to Dan for building my first ever website. Dan was affordable, professional, friendly and easy to work with, especially given the sensitivity of the subject of which the website was about. Would recommend him to anyone! The feedback on the website so far has been really positive!
Tech Spray
Tech Spray
14:33 31 Oct 17
We are extremely pleased with the website delivered by DCX. We were in massive need of an updated, faster and more responsive website with a modern appearance suitable for mobile devices as well as desktops. Not only did Dan at DCX exceed our requirements, he did so in a friendly, helpful and professional manner and with very little from us in terms of a brief.I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend DCX and thank Dan for assisting our business in moving forwards digitally.
Matthew Newbould
Matthew Newbould
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Great service provided by Dan. Would definitely recommend. Thanks!
Zoe Round
Zoe Round
12:58 13 Jan 17
Dan has been invaluable in the setting up and initial running of our holiday let business.  He built our website with limited and sporadic instruction / information from me due to the birth of my baby girl.  He is approachable, efficient and most of all creative.  Dan has been very patient with me and not made me feel like a total technophobe which I am.  I would highly recommend Dan if you are starting any business and you need a website designer.