10 web design trends for 2022

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What makes a website stand out in 2022? To answer that question, we’ve scoured the web for the biggest design trends – those details, big and small, that will take your website from outdated to out of this world.

  1. One-page design

Consider ditching traditional menus and link navigation for a one-page design, where users simply scroll to navigate. If your website covers a lot of info, this design probably isn’t for you. But for simpler sites, covering a fairly narrow subject matter, a one-pager can be a really creative, effective choice.

  1. Horizontal scrolling

While we’re on the subject of scrolling, ordinarily websites scroll up and down, but one disruptive trend is for horizontal scrolling. Madness? Perhaps. But it certainly grabs the user’s attention.

  1. Oversize heroes

The hero section – that prominent banner image that provides a snapshot of your brand – is getting bigger and bolder. Think full-screen homepage heroes and you’re bang on-trend.

  1. Bolder typography

Unusually large typography is another design trend on the rise, making words the main visual focal point. This can create a fresh, surprising look.

  1. Illustrations, illustrations, illustrations

Photos are great, but a beautiful illustration can communicate in a way that photos can’t. Could quirky drawings with a handmade feel resonate with your audience?

  1. Gender-neutral websites

More and more businesses are plumping for gender-neutral sites – for example, retailers not categorising clothes by gender. Even if gender doesn’t apply to your products/services, consider whether your design is making certain assumptions about the audience, maybe through the use of colour and images.

  1. Dark themes

In a reversal of the typical light interfaces, many websites are embracing dark interfaces with black or grey as the main background colour. Basically, if Batman made websites, this is what they’d look like. Why go dark? It gives an ultra-modern feel and can reduce eye strain.

  1. More white space

This trend is all about using tons of white space (or dark space in a dark theme), and giving your content room to breathe, as opposed to cramming every inch of the screen.

  1. Softer colours

In many cases, brightly coloured designs are giving way to softer colour palettes that are easier on the eye. Think warm, natural or pastel shades, with less contrast between colours.

  1. Frosted glass backgrounds

Finally, as an alternative to the usual backgrounds, we’re seeing a rise in frosted glass effects. This can be a cool option when you want to make some elements (like images) appear blurry, while allowing other elements (like text) to remain prominent.

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